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belt out DC

(no subject)
belt out DC

:D :D :D
Haha, sorry, guys; I couldn't help it! Although the AI Finale was five months ago, DC remains close to my heart, and he serves as my inspiration to get through the final stretch of reviewing tomorrow's exams.

April 24-25 at Alaminos
belt out DC

Extreme barok-ness.
Discussing the Intrams manual at length.
"Holy Buddha."
Monica's 1 ½-hour speech (11:30pm-1am)
Mariane's wedding. !!!
Finally swimming with Mon and Diana.

It was fun. The food was always so good, and there was always dessert to look forward to.

Here we go!

Have a nice day.
belt out DC



Gabay General Assembly. It was okay. We had to answer evaluation sheets, listen to Pia's talk, and plan activities. While eating lunch, we watched Munting Tinig where there's a boy who looks like Leather! HAHAHA! His death made everybody cry. Well, it made me cry. Imagine if HE died. :'[

Town with Ding. Watched Hairspray with much closer detail. Starbucks then took a Neoprint. The lady didn't have a scissors to cut it in half so we went to National Bookstore... And cut it ourselves! :)) Ding cuts straight. Don't you, Ding? ;) We were afraid to get caught that's why she cut it in such a hurry and the division's not straight. :)) Kidding. Sorry, I left you! We'll have LONGER time to bond next time! :)

I have to research for Science now, then make pompoms for Mieeeel. Why can't we NOT have school tomorrow, just like Southridge?

+ Edit, 9.47pm

It just struck me: We won't be seeing Mrs. Nolasco anymore. :( Starting tomorrow, we're going to see Mrs. Sator in our classroom. Actually, Mrs. Nolasco says she's really nice. She seems nice, as I remember in one of last year's Rosette meetings. It'll be like having the first day of school again, since she isn't familiar with us at all. :))

15 Weird Things
belt out DC

Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

1. The
2. 15
3. weird
4. things
5. about me
6. are
7. pending
8. since
9. I
10. don't
11. know
12. what's
13. so
14. weird
15. about me.

I tag Ding, Patty, Tina, and Steph!



1. I know what I want and how to get it but I don't want to start getting to it. Especially when I'm dealing with schoolwork. I want and know how to finish a project but I'm just too lazy.

2. I sleep at 12 or later everyday for no reason. It's been my habit since I was Grade 5 because every morning, Pat would tell me, Janina, guess what time I slept last night! 12 midnight! I was so amazed that I copied her. Now, whenever I want to sleep early, I can't.

3. I am OC when it comes to dates. I always have to write the date. Whether I'm writing in my diary, answering/solving puzzles in books, filing my worksheets, or passing notes - there always has to be a date. Also when I blog, the event I want to write about has to be dated properly. Otherwise, I don't blog.

4. My method of moving on is probably the method of somebody who's crazy over someone. I have to overload myself with him first until I get sick of him so that I can move on. If it doesn't work... I try again.

5. I hate emo. I put up emo stats sometimes so that makes me weird. BUT I STILL HATE EMO. I think people who are emo or try to be emo just lack attention; so they draw attention from others through their so-called "emo lyrics/words". It's self-centered because it revolves on their feelings; you know, like a one-sided thing. Besides, emo's not even a genre.

6. I cry whenever my Mom's not around. It all started in SK - when I was reciting the closing remarks for our Culminating Activity. In the middle of my speech, I started to cry because I was alone on the stage; I was used to practicing it with my Mom. (Or maybe I was just sad that I was leaving Ridgefield. Awww!) After the program, several parents approached me and hugged me. My batchmates know that. Hahaha! Another time was on the first day of classes in Grade 1: We were introducing ourselves. When it was my turn, I teared up and said, I want my Mommy!

7. I used to eat the powder of drinks and other sauces with rice for a regular meal. Swiss miss, orange juice, Milo, ketchup, vinegar, sometimes even cereal - you name it! Usually, that was what I'd have if I didn't like the food on the table.

8. I hate it when people text without smilies nor punctuation marks. I'm a quick overanalyst so I assume many things. If there are no punctuations nor smilies, the message looks dead. Plus, it looks so unattended; like the person just took a second of her time for you when she spends forever in front of her miror. Dead messages make me its equivalent: lifeless.

I just realized that I am weird because I was able to come up with this list (though there are only 8). Initially, I thought I was normal because I couldn't even think of ONE weird thing. I only had fifteen WORDS. Hahaha!

Blake and Melinda are my Top Two.
belt out DC

Thank God HE'S out.

But I refuse to believe that HE got out.

He's the last man standing. I hope he wins! :)

belt out DC

It's summer and boredom drops by every now and then. I just watched Pursuit of Happyness. Ergo, the icons.

Justin's Inquiries
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(On the way home from Di' Mark's)

Justin: Do guards sleep, Dad?
Jacob: No, they switch.
Dad: The ones awake at night, they sleep during the day. The ones for tomorrow, they sleep at night so that tomorrow, they're ready.
Justin: So you mean they're vampires?
Dad: ... Something like that.

(During dinner)

Dad: What happens on July 4?
Anonymous: Philippine Independence Day!
Janina: Ay, bobo!
Dad: What happens on October 7?
Anonymous: Immaculate Conception...!
Janina: ANO BA.
Justin: When's Opus Day?
Janina: October 2, duh.
Justin: No, Opus Day. D-A-Y.
Janina: WHAT?!
(Everyone laughs)

A First Time
belt out DC

April 16-19

Amazing Race Retreat-Seminar

Whoa, a retreat. Good luck to me.

It's the start, of so--- Never mind.
belt out DC

I deleted all my entries.
I'm going to start over with LJ.
Although I update more in my Xanga, I'll try to be faithful to this one...
...without cross-posting.



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